Lower Austria – Niederösterreich

Lower Austria – Niederösterreich Attractions

If you’re looking for a holiday with a wide range of exciting things to do, then you can’t go wrong in Austria. Austria is among the top destinations for sightseeing holidays and eight countries border this land-locked country. These are; the tiny Principality of Liechtenstein, Italy, Hungary, Germany, Slovak Republic, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, and Switzerland. Lower Austria – Niederösterreich is one of the famous tourist attractions of Austria as the place offers rich culture and various beautiful places to explore.

Although it is a small country, it is occupied with numerous tourist attractions, such as the alpine region, water parks, and national parks. It is also famous for outdoor sports like golf, cycling, horse riding, and skating. So where are the best places to visit when in Lower Austria – Niederösterreich?


Vienna, the capital city, is a cultural phenomenon, with a collection of splendid galleries, concert halls, museums, and architecture. It is the country’s largest and most populated city that sits astride the river Danube with over 2 million inhabitants, as well as being the economic and cultural center of Austria. Innere Stadt is at the heart of the city. Here, you will find parliament, the great Imperial Palace of the Habsburg court and its various empires plus the cities university.

Wine and Vineyards

Lower Austria – Niederösterreich is also famous for its wines and vineyards. Tourists who visit this beautiful state should not miss the superb red wine as it serves the most delicious wine in the world. Austria is gifted with the best red wines grapes. Vineyards are also a famous tourist attraction of this state; if you want to see the best one, then Vienna is the best region to choose. Wachau is the best wine producing districts of this state due to its large production. The best-known wineries include Alzinger, Knoll, Gritsch MauritiushofPichler, and Prager.

Kremptal also produces wines but not as well as Wachau. Some of the most famous wines from these two regions come from the wineries of Marion Ebner’s Melusine, Nigl, Schloss Gobelsburg and Jurtschitsch.

Hohe Tauren National Park

This park is the best place for nature lovers. It is famous for countless species of flora and fauna and amazing birds. Tourists can also explore this park through hired and private cars. It is one of the largest parks of Europe covering almost 1786 sq km area of Europe. The highest mountain of Austria Grossglockner also lies in the center of this park. The roads of this park are the most beautiful sightseeing in Europe


Lower Austria — Niederösterreich is also famous for its inescapable alpine region and great holiday rentals, which is fully covered with the mountains. Beautiful lakes and green valleys can be the most beautiful part of this region. Tourists can also find various fast flowing rivers and Europe’s biggest river; the Danube. Many holidaymakers come to Lower Austria – Niederösterreich year after year and many rent ski chalets as their self-catering holiday accommodation. Traveling alone or with your young ones, your ease of movement will be made much easier if you hire a cab. Get the quality, experience, and value for your money by hiring Vienna Connection Cab – an airport taxi company as a way of transportation.