Visiting Lower Austria

Austria is a small, yet beautiful alpine nation located in Europe. If you have mistakenly landed on this page wanting to know about Australia, kindly take leave. In this article, we are going to talk about Austria – Lower Austria, to be specific. Lower Austria is known for its solid infrastructure, nature and mountains, and amazing services. Castles, lakes, wines, restaurants, traditional handicraft museums, and biking routes – the place has it all. If you are visiting Lower Austria for a brief or long holiday, try visiting or experiencing the following.

Castles and Palaces

Lower Austria, like most other parts of the country, is known for its palaces and castles. Schloss Hof, Kreuzenstein Castle, Rosenburg Castle, Schallaburg, Laxenburg castles, etc. are the ones worth a mention. Schloss Kof is an extremely beautiful baroque building. It has the state apartments, a ballroom, and a terrace garden replete with fountains and pavilions. Kreuzenstein Castle, located near Vienna, is a popular tourist destination too, along with the other castles mentioned.

The Lakes

Most lakes in Lower Austria serve as backdrop for many regional festivals and celebrations in Lower Austria. For example, Lunzer See hosts Wellenklange, a unique annual music and art event set within natural settings. The lake is the biggest of its kind in Lower Austria and is a great destination for a romantic escapade too. It is surrounded by quiet forests and accommodates both swimmers and boaters. If you’d like a dedicated swimming area, an outdoor pool, playgrounds, some beach volleyball action, and a restaurant to go with them all, visit Litschau. It’s a town in the Gmund district in Lower Austria.

A Dream Wedding Destination

If you have always dreamt of a wedding in a picturesque location with mountains and rivers in the environment, Lower Austria is ideal. The MS Austria Princess and MS Austria cruise ships provide an elegant and splendid setting for your marriage celebrations. The ships could cruise you to and from the wedding spot, or you may have the ceremony on the ship itself. If you are not getting married, you may still take the ship for the cruising experience and the locations it takes you through.

Varied Landscapes

Lower Austria’s diverse landscapes could mesmerize you, especially when you consider this Austrian province isn’t a very large place. Every border in Lower Austria opens a fresh realm. The Austrian Grand Canyon’s jagged gorges and Danube’s unspoilt wetlands are examples. Sunny slopes speckled with vineyards all over wine country, along with mystical places and dark moorlands are examples too.

If you play golf, Lower Austria’s nearly 50 golf courses would enchant you. No other Austrian province has as many golf courses as Lower Austria. The golf courses and the varied sceneries make sure there are fairways suiting every expectation and taste. In other words, golfers can opt for the heavily wooded, idyllic Waldviertel hills, the hilly Mostviertel, or Wachau’s lush vineyards. Lower Austria also goes by the “gourmet province” name. This means there are multiple traditional inns and gourmet restaurants serving outstanding beers and excellent wines to cap your outing.